• Manometer Factory LLC (Manometr-Kharkiv) is the official supplier of the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company „Enetroatom“ (Ukraine).
  • The development of new products is coordinated with NNEGC Energoatom and SNIRU. Qualification tests and experimental exploitation at NPP’s are completed.
  • Quality control is certified by NNEGC Energoatom
  • All nuclear grade pressure transmitters are controlled by specialists of the conformity assestment body „CERTATOM“ before shippment to the end user.
  • Manometer Factory cunducts annual workshops for NPP personnel
Absolute pressure transmitters Safir 2030, 2040, 2050 AСС

Analog Pressure Transmitter Safir-Ns for Harsh Environments

Stainless steel housing, special design of the electronic module, resistant sealing, remote sensor design allow operation of pressure transmitters Safir-Ns in harsh environments.

Pressure transmitters Safir Ns have been qualified by thermal, seismic, radiation testing and were approved for application in safety related systems of Nuclear Power Plants. 

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Spent Fuel Pool Level Measurement System Based on Three-Channel Transmitter Safir 2536 Ns 3

  • 1, 2, 3-channel transmitter module
  • Correction of medium density changes
  • Immersion 25 m
  • Radiation TID 2,88 MGy
  • Working temperature 250 °C
  • Cable length 300 m
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Pressure Transmitter Safir marked Spf

Pressure Transmitters Safir are manufactured not only with standard overall and mounting dimensions. “Manometer Factory” produces modern analog and digital absolute, gauge and differential pressure transmitters that are suitable for replacing old equipment provided in the USSR (Sapphire-22).

These transmitters are marked with Spf, and the overall and mounting dimensions are approved individually with the customer. 

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